Friday, 12 March 2010


The rules for 1,2,COMICS! are simple.


The standard entry for 1,2,COMICS! has all art work that is on the pages drawn/painted/whatevered within a one hour time frame.

It is written during production within that same hour.

Additions such as text and perhaps a spot of simple colour can be added in post.

The purist entry sees everything that is included in the comic completed in the hour time limit. This includes all text and colour, the writing and of course the entire image.

The elite 1,2,COMICS! artist works as a purist and includes the scanning/photographing/emailing of the work within the one hour limit. Only the brave.

* Please be sure to let us know what type of 1,2,COMICS! you are submitting.

* Please include a title for your comic, and a description of the media/materials used to produce it.

* Please copy, paste and complete the following into your email:

Name :
Comic Title:
Time Taken:
Type: (ie. Standard, Purist, Elite)
Materials Used:
(your) Website:

* Please send all you submissions to

Good luck and enjoy!

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